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Certified equipment is fundamental, but highly specialised and trained staff even more so.


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You can choose from a wide range of check-ups available: for the skin, metabolism, nutrition and posture.


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Intuitive reports with analysis and scores are issued and explained to each customer, as well as a more detailed report for your doctor.


No need to take notes, we’ll take care of everything

At the end of the day, the pharmacist will receive a report containing information on the day’s progress, identifying any areas for improvement.


If you need advice, you’ll find it here

We provide comprehensive clinical, technical, and marketing advice to meet your every need.

A complete check-up service that is both flexible and easy to propose

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I-CARE: the consultation point in pharmacies.

Not just check-up days with our professional service providers, but the possibility to offer a complete system of well-being services to your customers everyday:

  • Innovative Technology (console, kit, equipment).
  • Integrated systems for well-being management (check-ups and services).
  • Basic and optional check-ups with certified examination protocols.
  • Integration of examinations that are already available in pharmacies.
  • Well-being score and complete management of customer data.
  • Culture: clinical, marketing, customer management and point of sale.
I-CARE: il punto di consulenza in farmacia

I-CARE, a network of services tailored to every need

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