Sat Check

SAT Check

Assessment of the body’s oxidative balance that allows antioxidant barrier alterations and an excess of free radicals to be identified

Up with the immunity, down with the stress

Oxidative stress is a predominantly asymptomatic condition mainly caused by reduced antioxidant defences or excessive free radicals; both conditions are facilitated by an unhealthy lifestyle and little concern for well-being. Oxidative stress is assessed through an SAT test using a sample of saliva: this test checks the balance between oxidative free radicals and the antioxidant barrier in the oral cavity, which is directly relative to the patient’s overall state of oxidation. This makes it possible to take preventive actions to re-establish the proper balance.

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SAT value

This indicates the balance between free radicals and the antioxidant barrier. The value obtained corresponds to the reduced capacity, or the antioxidant quality of the sample.


The necessary equipment can be purchased or provided as an additional service:

High-efficiency LED light source

Spectral range: 505 nm interference filter with 8 nm bandwidth

Measuring principle: Lambert Beer Law


After the check-up, the professional service provider will offer a brief consultation regarding the obtained results.

Summary table

  • SAT score (percentage of well-being relative to oxidative balance)
  • SAT value

Product advice

  • Customisable list of the most effective products for the most suited prevention and well-being strategy

Detailed report

  • a brief introduction to oxidative stress
  • details of all analysed parameters expressed in percentages
  • list of recommended products

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