Evaluation of the efficiency of venous return in the lower limbs.
The evaluation of venous insufficiency is a screening process that identifies circulation problems and heaviness in the lower limbs.

Using a reflected light plethysmograph, the time required for blood to fill the calf is measured after a forced movement has caused it to empty.

The elasticity of the venous wall and valve structures is essential if the correct amount of blood is to flow from the periphery to the heart, against the force of gravity. When veins lose elasticity, the blood fails to rise and stagnates in the veins of the legs, predisposing the formation of varicose veins and compromising the health of the lower limbs.

• VEIN score expressed as filling time (or refilling time), i.e. the time it takes for the blood to return to the calf after a forced movement has caused it to empty momentarily

• VEIN value