Evaluation of posture and balance disorders.
Postural assessment is carried out using a baropodometric platform, which detects the amount of load exerted on the support points of each foot, and the body’s centre of gravity.

The evaluation consists of a static analysis that defines the characteristics of plantar support (hypo-hyperloads, anteroposterior and latero-lateral displacements) and a dynamic gait analysis (time required to engage/disengage the foot, speed of movement and length of stride).

Analysing the results allows for an investigation into baropodometry, posture and biomechanics. By studying the distribution of body weight, it is possible to identify foot, joint or back problems and make corrections.

• Characteristics of static plantar support: pressure centres, body centre of gravity, retro/ forefoot load

• Characteristics of dynamic support: gate line, pressure centres, breech axis, retro-avampodalic, latero-lateral, latero-medial load