Pulmonary Check Icon
Prevention and screening processes, regarding problems to do with the respiratory system.
Pulmonary age assessment is carried out using a flow meter that detects the person’s ability to breathe air from the lungs and is therefore able to detect the presence of any possible obstruction in the respiratory tract.

The examination is not invasive and lasts just a few minutes.

This type of check-up is an integral part of prevention and awareness of airway obstructions, and it can indicate whether or not further, more in-depth examinations are required.

• FEV1 (volume of air exhaled during the first second)

• FEV6 (volume of air exhaled in the sixth second)

• FEV1 / FEV6 percentage ratio.

• Obstruction index

• Classification of any chronic pulmonary disease

• Obstructions present (COPD)

• Lung age