Evaluation of the morphological and functional alterations of the state of health of the teeth and oral cavity.
Its purpose is to verify the presence of erosive dental disease that could be caused by the reflux of hydrochloric acid from the stomach and/or by incorrect and potentially harmful eating habits that should, if this is the case, be improved as soon as possible.

By “dental erosion”, we mean the deterioration of the hard structure of the tooth, which is caused by chemical processes initiated mainly by the presence of acidic substances inside the mouth, to which mechanical stimuli are also added, such as chewing and the action of the toothbrush; this phenomenon only affects tooth enamel, which is made up of 97% mineral elements and 3% organic elements.

Demineralising enamel loses its structure and becomes damaged, leading to the deterioration of the innermost organic substance, becoming an irreversible process in some cases.

The analysis involves a visual inspection, the use of an intraoral micro-camera, and a questionnaire based on algorithms relating to: alteration of colour, morphology and erosion, oral hygiene and eating habits.