Vascular Age

Assessment for the prevention of and screening for hypertension, which allows for the calculation of cardiovascular age

Does the heart age?

This is a non-invasive assessment that measures blood pressure and arterial stiffness. A patient’s arterial stiffness provides information about the arteries’ ability to expand and contract in the various phases of the cardiac cycle. A more rigid artery puts up greater resistance to the passage of blood flow. This primarily causes hypertension due to the heart’s intense effort to pump blood, and ultimately, less blood supply to the peripheral organs. Arterial stiffness is an “early marker” in the initial discovery of atherosclerotic lesions and hypertension. Statistics show that 50% of hypertensive patients are unaware of their condition.

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Systolic and diastolic blood pressure

This indicates the force with which blood is pushed through blood vessels.

Heart rate

This indicates the number of beats per minute (bpm).

Pulse wave velocity

This is an acoustic and non-invasive wave detection of cardiac pulse propagation. It is an early marker for finding atherosclerotic lesions and hypertension.

Cardiovascular age

This indicates the age of the arteries, especially when this differs from the patient’s chronological age.


The necessary equipment can be purchased or provided as an additional service.

Area of measurement: dominant arm

Measurement time: < 5 min

Pressure measuring range: 0-300 mmHg

Method used: oscillometer.


After the check-up, the professional service provider will offer a brief consultation regarding the obtained results.

Summary table

  • Vascular score (percentage of well-being in relation artery elasticity)
  • Systolic and diastolic blood pressure
  • Heart rate
  • Arterial stiffness (PWV)
  • Cardiovascular age

Product advice

  • Customisable list of the most effective products for the most suited prevention and well-being strategy

Detailed report

  • a brief introduction to cardiovascular risk
  • details of all analysed parameters expressed in percentages
  • list of recommended products

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