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Test for the assessment of posture and plantar stance

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This postural assessment is carried out on a platform for digital foot pressure measurement that can detect the load exerted on each point of the foot and the body’s centre of gravity. The presence of foot, joint or back problems can be traced through the study of body weight distribution and corrective orthotics can be implemented. The assessment consists of a static analysis that evaluates the characteristics of the plantar stance (hyper-pressure areas, anteroposterior and lateral displacements) and an analysis of gait (attachment-detachment time, speed of movement and length of step). The analysis of the results allows the patient’s foot pressure, posture and biomechanics to be analysed.

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Static digital foot pressure examination

Pressure points

These indicate the key pressure points exerted on by body weight.

The body’s centre of gravity

This indicates the point where gravitational forces are applied, which affects different points of the human body and allows us to maintain balance.

Rear-forefoot weight bearing

This is the percentage of body weight distributed between the rear-foot and forefoot area of the right and left feet, compared with the normal range.

Dynamic digital foot pressure examination

Gate line

Descriptive line showing the various phases of plantar support while walking.

Rear-forefoot, lateral, latero-medial weight bearing

This is the percentage of body weight distributed between the different parts of the foot (rear-foot-forefoot, lateral-medial), compared to the normal range.


The necessary equipment can be purchased or provided as an additional service.
Digital foot pressure platform:

  • Overall dimensions in mm: 640 × 740
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Thickness: 8 mm
  • Material: ABS
  • Acquisition rate: up to 250 Hz in real time
  • 3,000 Resistive sensors in conductive rubber with 24 K gold coating


After the check-up, the professional service provider will offer a brief consultation regarding the obtained results.

Summary table

  • Stabilometric score (percentage of well-being related to plantar stance).

Product advice

  • Customisable list of the most effective products for the most suited prevention and well-being strategy

Detailed report

  • a brief introduction to the importance of correct plantar stance
  • details of all analysed parameters expressed in percentages
  • list of recommended products

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