Pulmonary Check

Pulmonary Check

Test to assess the level of airway obstructions, leading to a calculation of the lungs’ age

Discover the age of your lungs in just one blow

The lung age assessment is carried out with a flow meter that detects the patient’s ability to exhale air from their lungs. This assesses the potential presence of any airway obstructions, the subject’s predisposition to the development of chronic pulmonary diseases and provides an indication of the lungs’ age. The test is non-invasive and takes just a few minutes. The assessment is carried out via the forceful and continuous exhalation of air from the lungs, providing repeatable results and indications for the necessity of more extensive tests, such as spirometry. This test is an appropriate tool for the prevention of diseases related to the obstruction of the airways.

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This indicates the volume of air exhaled during the first second of the test.


This indicates the volume of exhaled air during the sixth second of the test.

Percentage ratio FEV1/FEV6 

The ratio, expressed as a percentage of the volume of air exhaled in the first second and the sixth second of the test.

Obstruction index

This indicates the percentage of airway obstruction.

Classification of COPD

This indicates the classification of any Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease present.

Lung age

This indicates the age of the lungs, based on all the parameters measured during the test.


The necessary equipment can be purchased or provided as an additional service:
Flow meter.

Accuracy level: 3%

Range: 0-9,99 L BTPS


After the check-up, the professional service provider will offer a brief consultation regarding the obtained results.

Summary table

  • Pulmonary Score (percentage of well-being in relation to the health of the lungs and airways)
  • FEV1, FEV6, percentage ratio FEV1/FEV6
  • Obstruction index
  • Classification of any present COPD
  • Lung age

Product advice

  • Customisable list of the most effective products for the most suited prevention and well-being strategy

Detailed report

  • a brief introduction to respiratory diseases
  • details of all analysed parameters expressed in percentages
  • list of recommended products

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