Cardio Check

Cardio Check

Mono-derivation electrocardiographic detection for the assessment of arrhythmias

The rhythm of your life

Cardio Check was created in collaboration with SXT (a Milan Polytechnic Institute spin-off) as an important means of prevention for cardiac arrhythmia. It is estimated that the number of people who are known to suffer from atrial fibrillation in Italy is only about 2,000,000, but the actual number is believed to be higher, as information and prevention are lacking in the country.

Arrhythmia is the alteration of normal heart rhythm, and refers to the problems in rate and/or the heart’s electrical conduction. The Cardio Check is a heartbeat screening and monitoring system that can detect any possible arrhythmia. This check-up makes use of CardioDial, a special device that is placed on the chest and enables cardiac output detection simply and intuitively.

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Mono-derivation electrocardiographic signal detection


Equipment necessary to carry out the check-up:

CardioDial SXT


You are led through the various check-up steps, which are completed with an easy analysis of the results:


  • Mono-derivation electrocardiographic graphs can be sent directly to a Tele-cardiology Centre

Product advice:

  • Customisable list of the most effective products for the most suited prevention and well-being strategy

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